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Wallaby Controls

Wallaby cause significant damage to the environment in New Zealand.

The numbers can be effectively controlled with integrated methods; thermal night shoots, toxin use, indicator dogs, and drone spotting.

Nothing goes to waste - the hunted pest animals are processed and on-sold as pet food.

Why control wallaby?

According to Forest and Bird wallabies are like giant rabbits.

They can spread quickly and cause similar damage to rabbits, but on a larger scale.

Like other large animal pests in NZ, they have no natural predators so pest control interventions are required to keep numbers down.

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Warren GBI Oct2021.jpg

Our Different Controls

What We Provide

Firearm Controls

Night shooting with thermal scopes.

Ground controls.


Bait & Toxins

Used in conjunction with shoots, this is an effective strategy.

Drone Spotting

Locates larger animal pests for efficient targeting.

Indicator Dogs

Trained to indicate animal pests to our skilled hunters.

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