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Possum controls

Possums cause significant damage to new plantings (native and exotic) and endangered native wild life. Possums can be effectively controlled with integrated methods; thermal night shoots, toxin use, and trap lines.

Nothing goes to waste - these pest animals can be processed and on-sold as pet food and their fur is also gathered as a resource.

Why control possums?

To protect bird life - native birds like the Kereru.

To protect new plantings (exotic and native) and established trees.

Possums' only predator is the feral cat which as well as being another pest it doesn't have much of an effect on possum numbers so pest control interventions are essential.

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Our Different Controls

What We Provide


Get in touch to discuss your possum problems. Methods include: chew cards, wax tags, night shoots.

Firearm Controls

Night shoots using thermal scopes.

Trap lines

A range of trap options are available to suit your site.

Bait Station Pulse

A range of baits and stations can be used over time on your site.

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