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Deer Controls

Ground and Aerial Firearm Controls

Firearm Controls are the most common way to cull deer.  We provide 2 forms of Firearm controls to cull deer, Ground controls and Aerial controls. 
There are alot of factors that are considered when determining the type of controls to carry out while Deer culling, some of which are different terrain, size of areas, access to areas which are inhabited by Deer and customer preference.

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Information on Deer

Deer live in a range of habitats and initiate damaging changes in plant communities by foraging selectively as Deer are Herbivore animals. Deer cause damage to native forests by feeding on forest plants, trees and seedlings, changing the composition of the forest understorey.

There are 7 different species of Deer in New Zealand: 

  • Red deer Cervus elaphus scoticus

  • Wapiti C.elaphus nelsoni

  • Sika deer C. nippon

  • Sambar C. unicolor

  • Rusa deer C. timorensis

  • Fallow deer Dama dama

  • White-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus

In New Zealand, deer have no natural predators (apart from hunters) and apart from occasional instances of bovine Tb, are relatively healthy with a life span of an average approx. 10-20 years if not hunted.

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