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Duane Doughty, director of Doc Livestock Ltd T/A Animal Pest NZ, has over 20 years pest control experience. He and the team, of up to 20 personnel, have specialist experience controlling animal pests with methods including shooting, fumigation, trap lines, bait station networks, and VTAs.

Day to day we work with many forestry management companies, councils, farmers, iwi, private landowners, education providers, and conservation groups and would love to work with you too. The species targeted are varied, including; possums, rabbits, feral pigs, feral cats, mustelids, rats, stoats, ferrets, deer, and wallabies. This has given us the skills to work with a wide range of people, work structures, environments, and methodologies.

We understand that each site can vary greatly and may have multiple animal pests so we are happy to discuss integrated pest control methodologies with you to ensure an effective plan is put in place and carried out.

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