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Rodent controls

Trap lines and bait station networks with regular periodic operations are great for controlling large numbers of rodents.

Depending on the size of your site our team can work with you to plan an effective integrated pest control operation.

If your rodent problem is localized to your own home or small site you may like to check out our DIY range of products in online store.

Why control rodents?

Because they are a prolific pest!

Rodents eat native flora and fauna.

They get into food storage.

Rapid breeders - their numbers grow rapidly if left unchecked.

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Our Different Controls

What We Provide

Bait Station Pulse

A range of baits and stations can be used over time on your site.

Trap Lines

Smaller traps are great for rodents - like the DOC200


For smaller rodent problems - check out our online store for a solution.


Chemical repellents, when sprayed on trees and shrubs can discourage rodents.

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