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Rabbit Controls

There are many forms of controls that can be taken to tackle Rabbit infestation.  Often, it is better to prepare for rabbit damage and plan control options, than to wait for damage to occur.  If a crop or trees are due to be planted and rabbits (or rabbit sign) are noticeable, then the rabbits should be controlled before planting starts.

Why control rabbits?

Throughout New Zealand rabbits can cause considerable physical and economic damage.  Commercial gardens are particularly vulnerable to rabbit attack as nibbled of chewed crops are unsaleable.  On farms Rabbits compete with stock for pasture as ten rabbits can eat as much pasture as one sheep.  Also, in places where there are large rabbit populations and sandy, barren soils, there is often increase in soil erosion.  In late winter and early spring, rabbits target plantation and forestry tree seedlings for the roughage and sugar they need during the winter months.  Bark and foliage is bitten or chewed, roots are dug up, and seedlings are sometimes nipped cleanly in half.

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Warren GBI Oct2021.jpg

Our Different Controls

What We Provide

Firearm Controls

Night shooting with thermal scopes


Can be used alongside shoots for effective rabbit control.


Fumigants are effective where burrows or warrens are evident.


Chemical repellents, when sprayed on trees and shrubs can discourage rabbit browsing.

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