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WaspJet Pro� 400g

WaspJet Pro� 400g

Use outdoors for control of wasp nests. An aerosol that allows you to tackle wasp nests with confidence. The high output nozzle ensures that nests can be treated from a safe distance and quickly soak the nest. The combination of double strength actives and rapid penetration solvents, ensures the wasps are �paralysed� on contact before dropping to the ground. Best results are achieved if wasps are sprayed directly. Spray early morning or late evening when most wasps are back in the nest and less active. Hold can upright and target spray towards the nest with the wind coming from behind you. Wear protective clothing when treating nests and stand at a safe distance, not directly underneath. Available in 400g pack. For larger wasp nests use NoPest� Insect Dust.
An excellent product for treatment of Paper wasps and their nests.
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