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NoPests� X-it Ant 1 Litre

NoPests� X-it Ant 1 Litre

A non-repellent, long lasting insecticide specifically designed for New Zealand�s outdoor conditions. NoPests� X-it Ant is effective for several months against all ant species in New Zealand including Argentine and Darwin�s ants and also very effective against other crawling insect pests such as cockroaches and spiders.
Spray onto outdoor areas such as paths, driveways, irrigation pipes, trees, gardens and building exteriors. Rainfast after 1 hour of sunlight. NoPests� X-it Ant has quick initial knockdown on contact and after 96 hours has delayed activity by attaching to the insect�s feet when walked on, and is taken back to the nest. The chemical is also transferred to other insects when preening each other.
Available in 225ml and 1L packs. Dilution rate: 15 ml per 1L water.
Active Ingredient: Contains 80g/L Bifenthrin.
Note: A clean sprayer with no prior chemical residue spray is required.
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