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Biforce Granules 5kg

Biforce Granules 5kg

Biforce Granules is a superior residual contact insecticide for the fast and effective control of ants, fleas, ticks and lawn pests outdoors. Designed to control major pest species of ants including the Black house ant, Argentine ant, White-footed house ant and Darwin�s ant. Easy to apply by hand applicator or spreader, Biforce Granules can be used to control pest problems on lawns, parks, golf courses, turf farms, sports fields, compost heaps, gardens, shrub areas and the external surrounds of buildings and structures. Available in 5kg pack. For smaller pack see NoPests� Sand4Ants 500gm.
Biforce Granules are a heavy sand granule insecticide, most effective at targeting organic insect-infected areas (such as turf, bark gardens, gravel, compost heaps, garden and shrub areas) where conventional spray and dust pest control products cannot penetrate deep into swath or inaccessible areas. The heavy regular shaped granules of Biforce Granules allow the particle to successfully drop through thick vegetation to where the insects are located.
Active Ingredient: Contains 2g/kg Bifenthrin
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